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Survival guide for college graduates or anyone who wants to win at life. This book explains four powers to help you become more confident and happy on your journey to becoming a millionaire. The first, Name Power, is the greatest superpower you can learn to never forget a name and to quickly develop relationships. The second, Money Power, will transform your life and long term savings. The third, Dream Power, helps you dig deep to find the true passion you were created to do with your life, and the fourth and final, Adventure Power, inspires you to get outside and explore. This book is a call to put down your phone, step away from the computer and CALL, WRITE, SHAKE HANDS, SEND A NOTE, ACKNOWLEDGE GOOD DEEDS AND CONTRIBUTIONS. Get ready for lots of enthusiasm, reflection, and love for this one precious life that we have.


Each copy will be signed by the author, Robin Kimball Eisenbeis, and can be personalized with a note! 

A Gift for Life: Skills Everyone Needs to Win

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