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One of the greatest superpowers you can ever learn is... MASTERING THE ART OF REMEMBERING NAMES!!


Ever struggle with remembering someone’s name? 

Maybe a potential client, their partner or children’s names,

or maybe someone who just told you their name?

I bring the fun to the stage helping others learn four important life skills: name power & connections, paying yourself first, dreaming big, and adventures. 


My vision is to bring confidence and inspiration to graduates, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to win at life.

About Robin


My name is Robin Kimball Eisenbeis, transformational speaker and author of

"A Gift for Life: Skills Everyone Needs to Win".


I’ve always been a BIG DREAMER… writing a book, climbing mountains, holding a plank for 35 minutes, completing adventure races and

learning to identify birds JUST by their calls!


I LOVE to CONNECT PEOPLE, and to help them achieve their goals and passions! I wrote "A Gift for Life" to help people SOAR!! Nothing brings me more JOY than to watch young adults SUCCEED!! Inside these pages, you’ll find tips, inspirations and lessons that are the foundation of my personal and professional success!!


EVERYTHING I DO is about bringing ENERGY, ENCOURGEMENT and INSPIRATION to help people make their dreams come to life!!


Writing "A Gift for Life" was a dream come true for me! Now I’d like to pass on "A Gift for Life" to help YOU make YOUR dreams come true!!

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Connect. Adventure. Inspire.

Like What You Heard?

Contact me to book a speaking event or find about the next event you can attend!

paperback out NOW!

The new paperback copy of "A Gift for Life" is published! You are able to purchase this on Amazon or using the button below. Great for teams and businesses to order for their members or employees!

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